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Shipping update: stickers have been dispatched to all corners of the world — Thailand and Quincy!

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  • 100 stickers, USA shipping $35
  • 10 stickers, USA shipping $5

For all international orders add 50% (the USPS makes it a real nightmare to send anything)

Order via PayPal: — please send me an email after you order — [email protected]

Local pickup at The Tam or Foley’s available for orders of 100 stickers $30 when available.

All money from sticker sales goes into ordering more stickers.

Thanks to Dave Dowdall for sending these photos of the Halliwell Jones stadium in Warrington.

Brendan sent us this photo of his fridge on Cape Cod
Thanks to Brendan for the photo!
At the Silhouette Lounge, Boston, MA
At Grendel’s Den, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
Take 2 at JJ Foley’s Bar and Grille (Jan 26th 2023)
JJ Foleys Bar and Grille, downtown Boston (Jan 26th 2023)
The Tam, downtown Boston (Jan 26th 2023)