Recorded May 2017 on Jim’s roof in Boston

One More Thing (The Guardian, Jan 5th 2023)

The last piece of news I received before the end of 2022 was about the shocking death of Jim Savage, who died in his sleep while on holiday in New Orleans. Those of you who read the comments below these articles will be familiar with regular contributor BostonJim, a Warrington fan who had lived in Massachusetts for many years. Those of us who had the privilege of meeting Jim on a few occasions – when he returned to his homeland to see his beloved Wire in cup finals or to watch internationals – immediately warmed to an avuncular and ebullient league nut, whose commitment to the game was typical of so many exiles. Whether he agreed with you or not, he did so with passion and humanity. A mere fiftysomething, he is a great loss to the culture of our game. RIP Jim.

The Guardian

James Savage, Of Beacon Hill, Boston formally of Warrington UK passed away suddenly on December 28, 2022 at the age of 55.

Jim was a longtime employee of JJ Foley’s Bar and Grill Kingston St.,he worked with the Foley family for almost 27 years and was so loved by the family along with his friends and many patrons.

Jim moved to Boston at he age of 18 where he completed his degree. He had a pushcart in downtown Boston selling to tourists. That is where he met Jim Foley Sr. and his bartending career began. He loved working at Foley’s and thought the world of Jimmy and his sons, James and John.

Jim loved traveling and had friends worldwide because of his outgoing personality. Even though he grew up in England he was a huge fan of American sports. He was proud of the fact that he visited every baseball stadium in the country, of course, Fenway was his favorite.

He was the son of the late Arthur Savage. He leaves behind his mother Josie Savage, his siblings Sarah and Paul. He was a amazing uncle to his two nephews Matt and Rob, they adored him.

Goodbye “mate” we loved you.

Boston Globe/

Is Jim Warrington’s most ardent fan? (2002)

JIM SAVAGE claims to be the most ardent Warrington Wolves fan – sorry Jim – Warrington Wire fan in the world and after a long chat on Thursday this reporter does not doubt him for a second.

For the 35-year-old Boston bartender has been buying season tickets for the last three years despite the fact that he is unable to go to any of the games.

And even when he does manage to make the jaunt from the USA to his beloved hometown he buys a ticket at the gate anyway.

Jim said: “I have been an absolutely huge Wire fan, not Wolves fan, Wire fan all of my life. I hate the fact that the club has changed its name but I still do everything that I can to support the club.

“I have renewed my season ticket for next season but I will not be able to go to the games as I live in Boston. This may seem strange to some people but it is my way of offering support to the club.

“I used to go and see every Wire game before I moved to America 12 years ago. We used to be a brilliant, super side and I miss watching them play like you wouldn’t believe.

“I went to see the game in Carcassonne which was played in insane heat and I try to get home as often as I can to see the matches at Wilderspool. But even when I do get to see the Wire play I don’t use my season ticket and I pay to get in.

“I do not do this because the club is struggling at the moment. I would do it if they had won the Grand Final seven years in a row.”

The former Appleton Hall High School pupil from Moore came home this week to visit his parents and while on British soil he went to see Saturday’s Grand Final at Old Trafford.

Jim is planning to see Super League’s showcase final every year from now on but the game he wants to see more than any other is Warrington’s Wilderspool farewell clash at the end of next season.

Jim said: “I will be there to see that one.”

Warrington Guardian, October 24th 2002